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Hearing Aids


Hearing devices of today are not just amplifiers, they are sophisticated computers that enrich your sense of hearing, support brain health and help maintain and enhance your auditory capabilities. 

Hearing loss is not new but the solutions have evolved to produce fashionable and effective hearing devices to manage vanity, functionality and convenience requirements.

At Advanced Hearing Solutions-Westborough

We select and fit the latest hearing technology and customize it to our patients:

Hearing needs

Ear shape and ear canal size

Personal preferences

Lifestyle demands and budget

Our services and offerings are tailored for our patient's success

Types of Hearing Aids Offered

Types of Hearing aids Offered:

  • Made for I-Phone hearing aids by Signia/Siemens. Widex, Oticon , Resound and Starkey
  • Android and I-phone compatible Phonak Marvel Hearing devices
  • Re-chargable hearing aids by Siemens/Signia and Phonak
  • Small and invisible hearing devices 
  • Titanium invisible in the canal hearing devices

Latest technology in hearing aids offers:

  • Wireless connection to cellphone, TV, I-pod, Computer and other electronic devices
  • Automatic background noise management
  • Automatic volume control
  • Automatic speech signal enhancement
  • Directional microphones
  • Wind and Echo reduction
  • High defination Music listening
  • Superior sound quality

Styles offered:

  • Receiver in the Ear-RITE and Mini-Rite
  • Behind the Ear-BTE
  • In the Ear-ITE
  • In the Canal-ITC
  • Completely in the Canal-CIC
  • Invisible in the Canal- IIC